Academy Lms Student Android App v1.0

This is native android application for your Academy Lms students. Using this app, students can start learning course lessons directly from their android phones. So they can continue learning without having a laptop or desktop. Students can also browse the Lms portal’s courses and have them for future purchases.

Academy Lms Student Android App v1.0

How it works

This android app can be hosted into Google Play Store as your branded lms app. Students can download from the store and access their purchased courses directly from the app. The app will communicate with you hosted Academy-LMS Web application through an API. That means the prerequisite to publish the Academy-LMS Mobile application is to have the Academy-LMS Web application in the latest version always.

Connecting with Academy-LMS Server

To connect your Academy-LMS Web application with the Academy-LMS Student App follow the steps below bit more carefully.

  • Open the file name “”. Which is located at “app/src/main/java/com/creativeitem/academy/Network”.
  • Move to line number 27.
  • You will find a variable declared called “BASE_URL_PREFIX”
  • Provide your hosted academy application url on the placeholder “your_application_url_will_be_here”. Make sure it’s inside the quotation marks(“”). Lets say if your application is hosted on, after entering your application url, it will look like this: String BASE_URL_PREFIX = “”

Build the app

  • If you have done this good so far, You will find the build option on top navigation menu.
  • Go to Build > Build Bundle(s) / APK(s) > Build APK(s)

Distribution Manually

  • If you have built it successfully, you will find the apk file inside : “app/build/outputs/apks/debug/app-debug.apk”.
  • You can distribute this application manually by hosting it on your server or somewhere else.